With a background in research engineering and more than 40 years of experience in both domestic and international markets, Jim Wise is an expert consultant in permanent magnet product development and marketing, engineering, research, and design.

Detail-oriented, results-driven, and a collaborative, creative problem solver, Owner Jim Wise excels at turning your innovative projects ideas into reality.


From Eric Wahl President, CAD Based Solutions "For nearly eight years, my team and I have had the pleasure to work with Wise Magnetic Solutions on several projects. Jim is truly a subject matter expert and diligent about providing speedy results with the appropriate level of detail. I also appreciate the mind-share we get when trying to solve complex problems with mutually exclusive constraints. Lastly, Jim’s connections in the industry have afforded us various options for prototyping and final production supply chain."
David Whitt, Microsoft Director of Mechanical Engineering “Magnetics can get complex in a hurry. We’ve used Jim Wise multiple times to help with complex analysis and for working with our suppliers to resolve test and manufacturing issues. He has a vast knowledge of the physics behind magnetic fields and is able break down issues into actionable chunks. He understands the fabrication methodologies of magnets and the pain points of supply chains. This allows him to provide entire solutions from technical analysis to the delivery process.”
Reed Kaiser, Ethicon “Jim was a great resource to work with, and brought years of industry knowledge around magnetics to the table to help us define, and solve our issue. His expertise was invaluable to pointing out potential watch-outs, and areas of concern, that we had overlooked. It felt as if he was as invested in the project, as we were.”